Material: Found foam with paper on board

Size: 30cm x 30cm

Price: NFS

Found The Kiss -Froth

The Kiss represents a map of Jervis Bay with a kissing lip imprint as a symbol of love and affection. It reminds us to care for this special place that is loved by so many locals and visitors from all over the world. This 2 dimensional series of artwork uses various types of materials commonly found on beaches in Jervis Bay that cause harm to sea and birdlife. It highlights our need to be conscious of our actions in the natural environment to protect this incredible place.

  • Beached-Fragments #c
  • Between the Lines #a
  • Beached Fragments #a
  • Found The Kiss - Lines
  • Found The Kiss - Party
  • Found The Kiss - Roped
  • Found The Kiss Foam
  • Beached Fragments #b
  • Between the Lines #b
  • Between the Lines #c
  • Drifting Shards #a
  • Drifting Shards #b
  • Drifting Shards #c
  • See Below #a
  • See Below #b
  • See Below #c