“Creativity not only enriches our lives, it also brings vitality.’ Venerable Master Hsing Yun

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I have always wondered why I feel in a state of contentment when I am busy creating or even thinking about ideas.

Why do we get satisfaction from being able to actualise an idea we have conceived? 

And why has our society traditionally expressed itself through the making and creating of things. 

It seems to me ‘creating’ is as essential part of our lives yet sometimes we forget to tap into it. 

The need to regain our connection with creativity seems even more important in our evolving world.

I am setting myself the challenge to consciously create each day. This is really simple to do. I can cook, or tend my garden, write a letter or plan a party. What is important is that I do so with my creativity and passion turned on with awareness. Then I can revel in the wonderful sense of satisfaction and contentment ‘doing’ can bring!

With love

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