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The Kiss Jervis Bay project started 12 years ago.

For many years I’de created art using found materials gathered from the beaches of Jervis Bay. My artwork was inspired by the way we interact with the marine environment.

At the mention of Jervis Bay everyone I met would say ‘I love it there!’ I soon realised I wasn’t the only one who felt such a connection to this beautiful place. I felt it was very important to encourage this emotion and ‘The Kiss’ was created.

A kiss is such a universal sign of love and affection. I decided it was the perfect name for my project as well as being the middle letters of the well-known historic Jervis Bay town of Huskisson. I also created my own map of Jervis Bay with place names overlaid on a red kiss. The lip lines correspond with creeks, streams and lakes. The star represents the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse and also hope for the future in our beautiful environment.

Much of the artwork, installations and community projects I’de been creating related to raising awareness of how we could protect this special place. It wasn’t long before my artwork inspired people to ask the question ‘what are better alternatives to plastic bags, bottles and other disposables?’. Huskisson had become a plastic bag free town and many locals were very aware of the changes they could make to protect Jervis Bay. I hoped to also encourage the many visitors to care as well.

As a natural progression I started selling eco friendly products particularly focusing on items that were used when we were out and about. I used part of the sales to fund local community projects to continue to raise awareness. The product side of my project grew and because my main focus was still on creative education I decide to add some humour.

So I began the collecting kissing related things. I hoped this vintage, rare and quirky collection would add a fun approach to the serious issue of marine pollution. The Kiss Collection now has 100’s of interesting people related pieces. I am always seeking new additions and am keen to add more world cultures, ages and socially iconic pieces. The collection now represents the love we can cultivate in our lives.

After 10 years of putting my energy into sourcing and selling eco-friendly products I have decided to focus back on my art. As I now have a lot of knowledge about these products I am more than happy to guide you if you are seeking sustainable alternatives.

I love creating and my artist me has many stories yet to tell. I hope you enjoy my artwork and collections for many years to come.

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