“Starting with one part, we instinctively begin to seek connections to recreate the familiar. When we allow the unexpected to evolve, we remake our perception.”

Eka – Sanskrit for one or first

Mer – from Greek meros part

From early life we are taught to sort and match in ways that are culturally influenced.

We become uncomfortable when we can’t find a fit and will create a new group or uneasily accept incongruence while we contemplate alternatives.

Eka Mer explores how we attempt to shape the view of our self and our world and seek to overcome our sense of vulnerability and the innate resistance to change that occurs in our culture. It seeks to help us understand others and our relationships.

The Project aims to build stronger connections in our community, locally and globally.

Eka Mer artwork incorporates commonly found objects, assembled in an unexpected way to tell a cultural story.

Aquaira also embodies similar concepts and utilises a different creative approach to express these ideas.


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