Dont bag enviroment SCR June 08

Where: Jervis Bay

When: June 6 2009

Event:  The Kiss will unite the celebrations of World Environment Day and World Ocean Day focusing on the inter-relationship between our fossil fuel consumption and industrial processes and Co2 emissions and global warming and the impact it is having on our marine environment.

Ocean Acidification (occuring when CO2 in the atmosphere reacts with water to create carbonic acid) has already increased ocean acidity by 30 percent. The impact of this for our marine and human ecosystems is only beginning to be uncovered.

The Kiss –Jervis Bay will raise awareness of the steps our coastal community can take to reduce Co2 emissions through a display, demonstrations and a showcase of eco-friendly products.

The Marine Mammal Research team will involve the community in the Sea of Whale Tails art installation to raise awareness of whale conservation. We will also be celebrating the first birthday of Muriyira, the Shoalhaven’s adopted whale under IFAW’s Humpback Whale Migration Icon Project.

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