WED 2012 10


Where: Jervis Bay

When: June 2012

The Kiss – Jervis Bay will be coordinating an interactive event “Sustainability –3 “P’s” & Time” linking both the 2012 theme of Green economy and the 40th anniversary of World Environment Day.

Participants will be able to paint the three pillars of sustainability – large cut outs of People, Profit and Planet and unite these pillars to highlight that by working together we can strengthen the goal of Sustainability. Flying from this installation will be a flag timeline, colour themed with the 2012 WED logo, with each flag representing a year since 1972 until 2012. Major milestones will be noted on specific flags to aid viewer awareness and education. Participants will attach the flags in sequence along the timeline to raise awareness of the significant achievements of UNEP WED over the last 40 years.

The Kiss – Jervis Bay will also be displaying and supplying compostable and eco friendly products as alternatives to support this zero waste event.

The activity will result in an fun, interactive, colourful and informative celebration of WED 2012.

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