Creativity + Love = Contentment

Hello, I’m Cheryl Leigh Cross

Each day I blend being an artist, mother, teacher, friend and facilitator. I am curious about our world and our human interaction. I see creative opportunity around us ready to be explored.  

For over 20 years, I have enjoyed using found materials to create artworks, installations and community projects. These everyday items that surround us tell stories of life, love and social issues. Sometimes my art uses humour. At other times it is serious. 

Creating gives me a wonderful sense of connection to our world and our incredibly diverse environment and people. It’s my way of storytelling. View Projects’ for insight into the bigger story of my artwork.

I am currently working on a series of illustrations with Aquaira. She has been a long term passion and I am still enjoying her journey.

I am pleased to offer:

* Commissions. Together we can create artwork that tells your story, inspired by your personal collection of objects, mementoes and memories. 

* Workshops upon request. Designed to suit your creative and collecting interests

* Art Therapy Sessions. Explore your unconscious self through creativity. I am qualified to facilitate private and small group sessions and welcome your interest.