Creativity + Love = Contentment

i’m Cheryl Leigh Cross and very excited to share a bit about me with you.

Each day i blend being an artist, mother, teacher, friend and gatherer.  i see creative potential in most things and could be called an artistic hoarder. i am inspired by our innate human curiosity and our need to collect, gather and remake.

For over 20 years i have enjoyed using found materials to create artworks, installations and community projects. Telling stories of life, love and social issues seems to flow naturally for me when i reuse, upcycle and remake our everyday ‘stuff’. Sometimes my art uses humour and at other times seriousness but there is always a message.  The challenge to express ideas using found materials continues to thrill me and often the objects tell me the story. Making art gives me a wonderful sense of connection to our world and it’s incredibly diverse environment and people.

i welcome commissions and we can create artworks that tell your story inspired by your personal collections of objects, mementos and memories. i offer workshops upon request to suit your creative and collecting interests.

Please take a look in Projects to see the bigger story of my artwork.