Material: Bio-cutlery, paint on canvas

Size: 120cm x 30cm x 3



Knife Fork Spoon is a comment on terrorism and how humanity is being attacked when least anticipated often in socially relaxed settings. Eating is a universal activity and I felt by using cutlery I would express this connection. I have used emotive colours and arrangement to express this serious world issue.

Knife: Painted red to represent anger, aggression and bloodshed. A knife has long been used as a weapon in various forms. These knives have been clustered into bomb-like cells or bullet packs to represent the modern choice of weapon. The arrangement also expresses the fracturing of society into small disparate groups or individuals.

Fork: The colour orange is a powerful colour but can be very ambiguous. It can represent indecision, division and uncertainty or action, domination and extroversion. The forks have been arranged in a ‘Y’ shape evoking the concepts of thought, reasoning and choice. It poses the question why modern terrorism exists and seeks solutions, rather than the defensive action of blame and ostracisation that splits society.

Spoon: White is associated with peace, calm and light. The spoons are arranged to reflect ‘spooning’, a physical position where humans fit closely together. The spoon clusters are also reminiscent of dove wings, another peaceful symbol. The expanding arrangement is an idealist suggestion of a groundswell of growth to find a peaceful solution.

Knife Fork Spoon as a Triptych also recognises the theory of three steps to change:

The first is the profound realization we must make the change

The second is finding the proper practices that will allow change

The third step is adopting those practices and change occurring