Material: Found buttons, beads, wire on canvas

Size: 20cm x 20cm


About: Human Collective – Sex:

The Human Collective of society likes to categorise.

When you don’t give people categories they will create their own.

Whether there are patterns or not our visual cortex will impose patterns on what we see. People will instinctively impose categories when they are faced with large amounts of information. We use categorization as a means to make sense of what is around us. This becomes especially prevalent when we are overwhelmed with too much information or feel vulnerable.

This work explores our need to categorise society by sex and  male and female are represented by the socially accepted colours blue and pink. Buttons were chosen in various shades to suggest the degrees of maleness and femaleness that exists. The buttons were arranged to express our male/female categorisation. The work questions our present systems and their relevance in our changing world.

Sex/gender is one of  the most common questions asked when completing forms.