Waking Hallucinations

Posted by admin on Jun, 24 2020 in Aquaira, Journal  | No comments

I had an amazing experience this week.

After working for many hours on some computer graphics I finally called it a night at 2pm. About an hour later I woke with a jolt hearing footsteps and as I laid in bed the dark shape that I initially saw near the door evolved into a kaleidoscope of the vector images I had been working on.

I stared at these images as they moved across the ceiling before eventually fading away. Needless to say, I just had to try and recapture the shapes and colours of this hallucinogenic event. The blue vector lines were particularly prominent.

Researching this experience, it seems to have been a hypnopompic hallucination. A hypnagogic hallucination happens as you are falling asleep. Focusing for a long time and lack of sleep can trigger this but only 25% of the population will experience in their lifetime so I am really happy I did! It was as though my drawings were burned into my retina and brain. And no substances were involved in seeing this extraordinary occurence.

The other bonus was a creative solution for an artwork I am working on. And on checking no one was walking around my house so maybe it was a helpful soul kindly nurturing my creativity.

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